Trotters Kiera

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More than Happy!

These are the most comfortable pumps I have ever owned! I ordered the gray pumps in 8.5 extra wide because I researched that these pumps run narrow, and they do. I am normally a wide width, not extra wide. The pumps are very well made and I couldn't have found anything better. The toe box is a perfect fit. It covers all of my toes appropriately without anything showing. I love the color because they go with everything. I bought them to go with a long burgandy dress, however, I am able to wear them with other outfits as well. The removable foot bed is perfect arch support if you have a high arch like I do. In conclusion, I am more than happy, highly recommend them, are very comfortable, are well made, and they are a beautiful color.

Can be worn with orthopedic inserts

I have a Mortons Neuroma, so I got these shoes for work. This is the first day I have worn them. I liked that I could take their insert out and put in my orthopedic half shoe insert. I found that the toe bed was still a little tight with my insert, so keep that in mind if that is your planned use, and I don't have wide feet. I have had them on 3 hours and I am doing ok in them. I don't think I would be able to walk around all day. But these are a very good option for the days you have to be dresser.

Cute, well made, but tight in the toe box

Let me start by saying that I don't willing wear dress shoes because they are never comfortable. These shoes are no exception. I got these shoes to wear with a nice dress for a friends wedding. My feet hurt throughout the entire afternoon and evening of the wedding, and I was grateful when I got home and could take them off. That being said, the shoes didnt leave any blisters and all the pain went away after a nights sleep. My arch was moderately supported and the back of the shoe didnt rub on my Achilles tendon. My pain was all down in the toes. The toe box definitely narrows at the end to give the shoe a moderately pointy look, and my toes were jammed into that space any time I was actually bearing weight on the shoe. Despite the pressure from being crammed in there, my toes didnt actually blister, so that is a plus. So would I recommend these? Certainly not for daily use, but if you cant avoid wearing dress shoes for a fancy occasion, you could do worse than these shoes...

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