GDEFY by Gravity Defyer Mighty Walk

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Size: 8
Width: W

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Fabulous shoe! On my feet all day, by late afternoon Im nearly unable to walk. I've only owned these shoes for two days and no pain... I'm ordering another pair very soon!


So I’m 285lbs and 5ft 7in and not a light weight here. Working retail 8 hours a day plus heavy power lifting means no comfort for my feet. These shoes didn’t last AS long but they were amazing for me. Super wide and I barely have arches and a normal wide does not work for me. Comes to show how amazing they are. Definitely buying a pair plus more for my feet and so should you

The Best

I have had back issues for 5 plus years now. My job requires me to be on my feet almost the majority of my 8 hour shift. I have tried other shoes only to come home at the end of my shift in so much pain it truly hurt to walk. I found the walking co. by accident. I was out shopping in the mall and walked into the store for the very first time. I am so glad I did. I tried the shoes on and did not purchase them immediately. I waited for another 2-3 weeks before purchasing the shoe. I was desperate. I couldn't continue living with so much pain. So I went back to mall only to find that the store in the mall had closed. So I went home and searched the walking co. on the internet. I found them. I purchased a pair and noticed a significant difference but was still experiencing some pain. Nothing like what I was experiencing before but still some pain. I then realized that I needed to let my back heel and be pain free before I new whether the shoes were a good investment or not. So I took off work for four day straight. My back was better and I was ready to try my shoes again. The Gravity Defyer Mighty Walk is by far the best pair of shoes I have ever purchased. I am going on three months now wearing this shoe and my back pain after working eight hours has disappeared. I feel great. My wife immediately bought me a second pair. We believe in the shoe show much that I own two pair, I purchased my wife and my mother a pair as well. Definitely worth the investment.

I h

I have painful bumps on the bottom of my feet. Think its called: Plantar Fibromas. Right in the arch on the tendon, inflamed by walking. I bought these shoes hoping they would help, and they do! There's a springing cushion right under the arch that seems to support and massage the bumps. I have only had them a week but my feet, legs, hips and lower back feel better. I have already ordered a second pair.

this shoes just a miracle, I had back pain no more

I suffer from back pain on L3, L4 and L5 and my pain is now gone, also want to add that this beautiful people at Forum Shop in Vegas are very knowledgeable, thank you all

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