ABEO MXV Shift Metatarsal

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Size: 5
Width: M

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Best lightweight sneakers I've tried!

I have been purchasing "special" sneakers for over 5 years now because of my high arches & metatarsal pad issues. I've tried many different brands of sneakers, including several from ABEO, Ryka, Gravity Defy, Kuru, Brooks, etc. Although most of these wear "fine" for walking my dog, they are always so heavy! As soon as I'm finished walking my dog, I take them off immediately because they are all too heavy to wear around the house. And I don't always want to wear flip flops or slippers around the house. Sometimes I want a lightweight but supportive sneaker around the house & to run errands. Ladies, these are the shoes I've been looking for!!! I first purchased a pair in "wine" color. I like them so much that I've already purchased them in "blue". As soon as I get out of my PJ's in the morning, I put on these shoes to wear around the house, go grocery shopping, do light yard work, etc. Finally, a pair of supportive lightweight & comfy sneakers! Plus the shoes include a metatarsal insole if you need one like I do. It saves me from having to spend extra $ on a separate insole. Thank you, ABEO. Now all I ask is that 1) ABEO doesn't discontinue them in the near future and 2) ABEO include the option for a metatarsal pad with the black ABEO MXV shift. I'd love to get the same shoe in black!

Better than anything I've tried

I did not have high hopes. I have plantar fasciitis, patellar tendonitis, shin splints, extremely narrow heels, and scoliosis that can very easily be exacerbated by bad shoes. I'm a college student, and I walk about 6 miles on pavement with a heavy backpack every day, and I was starting to develop arthritis in my big toe. I had gotten my feet scanned and specialty fitted at a fancy running store, but all the shoes they gave me genuinely made my entire body ache. Like. I could not sleep because my knees hurt so bad, and I started wearing knee and ankle braces. On a ten min walk to the library, my feet and heel were burning, and I had to take them off. As a temporary solution, I got $10 insoles from target for arch support through plantar fasciitis, which helped, so I decided to take a risk and buy something online without trying it on. THESE SHOES FIXED EVERYTHING. They dont LOOK like I'm wearing orthotics, but they FEEL like I am. I used to be popping NSAIDs just to get through the day, and now I can speedwalk a mile straight uphill with no pain at all. I usually have problems with heel slipping, but these are amazing for it. I'm genuinely excited every time I wear them. I have never loved a pair of shoes more. I've worn them daily for a few weeks now, and all pain is gone. My only thing is that the back does come up high and risks pinching and rubbing against my achilles tendon, but after a few wears the shoes were broken in enough that it stopped bothering me. BUY THESE

Wonderful Sneakers

I was searching for sneakers & came across ABEO. I selected this style & after reading the reviews I ordered them. I have bunions & metatarsal foot pain. Based on the reviews I did not order them in wide as I normally require. I wore the shoes grocery shopping & it felt like I was walking on air. Usually by the 2nd store my feet start hurting. Not with these. I didn't even think about my feet. They are stylish, supportive & extremely comfortable.

Love 'em

Love these sneakers! got them with the metatarsal insert; SO comfortable! Great support & correction for my over-pronating. ABEO shoes have been great for my feet.

Almost Perfect

I have major issues with both of my feet (big toe fusion in one foot, plantar plate tear in the other foot). These shoes really help to reduce the pain when I’m walking. They offer great support and cushion, very much like the Hoka Bondi, but MUCH better looking :) The cons: I wish these came in a narrow option, as they are really quite wide.; the arch support is not great, so I have to use my own orthotics.

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