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Hello, I am 80 and was having all kinds of foot. toe, ankle, leg, and especially knee pain. Yes I had some arthritis in my knee but not drastic. But I limped, could hardly get around, woke up at night with pain for a long time. Lots of Drs. opinions!🙄 I won’t go into all the things I did. Tons of shoes in my closet that were almost new but killed me. I was at our new Promenade and saw The Walking Store. I went in and got the Abeo brand shoe and I was in heaven it was a fit like no other. No pain!!! Worked P.T. after that in retail short shifts and ran all over the store. I amazed everyone because I was old and yet I was fine. I just ordered a new pair yesterday and can’t wait to get them. All other shoes are gone! I only wear Abeo!!!! The best!!!

The best weekend shoe!

Love them! I purchased the Grey Knit and it looks even better in person. Cute & super comfortable! My new go-to for weekend errands.

Finally found a comfortable walking shoe!!!

I have gone through so many shoes and brands to find a walking shoe that doesn't have too much of an arch insert, too little arch support, or the arch support not fitting properly where my arch happens to be. It was a big sigh of relief when I put these on. Highly recommended.

Very comfortable!

I purchased these in white, size 8.5. The toe box is spacious, the arch support seems adequate good. Seems that they will stretch in time, but that's a good thing, as my feet tend to swell in the heat and after long wear. Great travel shoe for summer. Laces are of cheap quality, so I think they will need to be replaced, but long enough to tie up nicely. They are replacing an older pair of name brand air shoes. So far the comfor level is great. We'll see how it goes.......

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