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Size: 5
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These boots kept my feet pain free during or after walking several miles in Las Vegas

My hubby and I love to vacation in Las Vegas. We both walk at a swift pace and we walk many miles every day. In the past, I've suffered in heels and/or broke down and wore casual shoes even though they don't look good with dressy outfits. I read the reviews for these boots and decided to try them. They look good, feel good, and kept my feet and legs comfortable for the entire week, at approximately 8-10 miles a day, stairs and all. I am very happy with these boots. I typically like a little more defined heel; other than that - I have nothing but praise!

Best Boot Ever!

The ABEO Marsha boots are the most comfortable boots I have ever had. Perfect heel height & I love how easily pants stay tucked in. I have received so many compliments! I have a pair in black & gray. So so wish they would bring back gray & dark brown. When ABEO makes such a striking and comfortable boot, they should continue to keep it on the market. This boot wraps snugly around the upper ankle. The newer ABEO boots are much wider around the upper ankle & cannot pass for a dress boot. Again, so wish this company would continue to make this boot in all three colours. Scouring the internet for brown & gray, as only black is listed. Want these in my closet for years and years to come. Sadly, they are no longer available. Styles come and go, but this boot could be a staple. They are several years old now, & I managed to snag another in black. Beware of websites selling the brown & gray - they are scams. Please make this boot available again in all three colours!

Comfortable and stylish

I have hallux valgus and plantar fasciitis. I bought these boots hoping they would work for me based on the other reviews. I am so pleased with them! I am short and they are a great height. The are slim to the ankle with works for my petite height. I received them in the mail yesterday and wore them ALL night to a concert. I'm love. So glad I ordered them in black as well.

Love, Love The Walkong Company

All of my shoes, sandals, boots must be ABEO or DANSKO because I've broken my ankles, knees & have had spinal surgeries. I'm truly grateful for these 2 brands. They're the only shoes that I can wear. Please note that they are Comfortable & give exceptional Support. They are absolutely stunning in beautiful colors and styles. When I was in the 3rd grade the Orthopedic shoes looked horrendous.! But due to breaking my leg & about 2 months later when I could walk, I had to wear those ugly shoes! Today, I can't begin to describe how badly I felt wearing those shoes. But also today, I am eternally grateful that ABEO and DANSKO offer shoes that support Knees, Ankles & Spinal issues as well as stunning in style, color & more! I've broken 17 bones during my lifetime, was an amazing athlete, but had to wear Orthopedic shoes! Personally, I prefer ABEO over DANSKO because I have narrow feet. DANSKO is still great for me. The way in which I began wearing DANSKO shoes was when I was on a cane from previously shattering my left ankle, and a Nurse walked up to me and said,"If you start wearing DANSKO Shoes, you will no longer need your cane." Of course, I was shocked, but I still decided to buy a pair of DANSKO Clogs. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised that the Nurse was correct. At first, the clogs didn't feel good. But, after wearing them for a few hours, I didn't want to take them off! (both Drs & Nurses work in DANSKO Shoes)! Don't just believe me! Try them for yourself!

Comfortable with good support.

I am very pleased with these boots. The little studs give the boots a little style.

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