ABEO 3D3 Dress Orthotic-Neutral Mens

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Size: 7
Width: M

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Outstanding product!!!

I was having lower back pain. As a very active person who goes to the gym 5 times per week and golfs 2 times per week I was totally devastated with my back problem. I refused to stop being active. I went to the doctor which led to multiple visits to physical therapy at $75 per visit. Good effort but a waste of time. My daughter suggested the walking company. As she put it...they have products that can work on my alignment. Anyway, I did go to a local store. The did their magic on the foot machine and recommended inserts. My back issue is gone!

expensive, did not work

I tried it for a few minutes before I quickly determined it did not address the foot issues it was purchased for. Expensive and did not work. I wore it for less than 20 minutes

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