ABEO Vista Chelsea Metatarsal

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Size: 5
Width: M

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Very comfortable

I have fallen arches, planter fasciitis and some swollen metatarsal pain. I do best with a wide toe box but not necessarily a wide width. I ordered this shoe in a regular width choosing the metatarsal support. It’s the best cushion for that area! I have tried a few Chelsea boots these are the clear winner!! The regular width is perfect allowing my toes lots of space. The inner sole is extremely soft and supportive exactly where I need it in the heal and metatarsal area. I highly recommend this shoe it’s a great minimalist everyday type of shoe with fantastic comfort.

Worth every penny

My feet are the literal worst - I've had problems with them since birth and the hits keep coming. I took a huge risk on these boots because 1) they are pricey, 2) there weren't any reviews written yet, and 3) 99% of shoes are painful for me within 1 minute of walking around. I honestly cannot believe how great these boots are! I wore them for several hours the first day with no pain. The second day I took a chance and wore them to work (I teach college) and my feet weren't in pain at any point - and it was my long, 13-hour day. Here are other things that may be helpful: -I bought the metatarsal version expecting to put in my custom orthotics if they didn't feel good, but the footbed is not removable. -They are roomy. Not too wide, but roomy vertically, above the top of your foot. -My feet are wide at the toe box and narrow at the heel. My heel doesn't stay put in these, but I found that wearing them with thicker socks feels better just because it takes up more space. -The weight of these is 1.4kg for the pair (ABEO - please put the weight of your shoes in the details!) -The arch is not as supportive as I would have thought (I'm used to wearing Birkenstocks, fwiw) but it clearly didn't bother my feet, so I'm not upset about it. -I have bunions, Hallux limitus, collapsing arches, bone spurs on top of my feet, and autoimmune inflammatory arthritis - which is currently attacking a toe on my left foot, but in spite of all that these boots, incredibly, don't cause me pain!

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