Easy Spirit Traveltime

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Size: 6
Width: N

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Best shoes, but

Love these shoes, but it seems they have quit carrying extra wide sizes. Wide just isn't enough for me. I need xx or xxx wide. 🙁🙁

Best shoesg

I am extremely satisfied with these shoes. Comfortable and with hammer toes has enough give does not hurt my feet .

Favorite shoes

Although I have about 17 pairs of clogs in all kinds of colors and materials, these dog-gone Easy Spirit Traveltime clogs (in white with the blue accents) are my all-time favorite!!! I usually have three pairs in rotation - one that's rather dirty, one that I wear around the house, and one pure white clean new clogs to wear with white pants. These are the only shoes I have that I dare to run through the washing machine with a load of towels. They wash beautifully and I always leave them on top of the washer to air dry. In two or three days, we're off and running again - spic and span clean. No shrinking and they always look brand new. (Warm wash, cold rinse, regular spin.) And even though I heve one pair still brand new, still in the box, I'm ordering another pair to have as a spare. These shoes have been everywhere (except out in the snow!!!) and I am so happy with the way they look, fit and their awesome style! Thanks, FootSmart, for continuing to carry the Traveltime line.

Shoe width

I love these shoes. Bought them at the beginning of the season, but since then I can not find them in 11 xwide have gone on line many times in the last few months.

Why couldn’t you offer just the regular shoes in size 12?

Every one of these shoes stop at size 11 except for the clown shoes of checks, florals, tie dyes? Those are cute shoes for normal sized women, but when one is 6’1” and you wear a size 12 they turn into clown shoes at that size. My favorite shoes are plain, comfortable tan shoes. All tan, just like you offered here. In winter when I’m not wearing strictly tan linen pants w a linen blouse in a brighter color or in my favorite white linen with my own jewelry designs that are substantial and colorful, I will change to a tan, brown, or grey thick and natural fitting stretch pants with solid color sweaters and again my own colorful jewelry to add pop to everything. Those outfits are paired w all brown, taupe, or black shoes. Those are all I need all year long for 95% of my dressing needs. Please add size 12 normal shoes to your line in regular colors. It’s frustrating enough to be forced to shop online because no stores in my area stock size 12 shoes, even though we have had one of the top girls basketball programs and big girls wearing large sizes less than 15 minutes from the mall for the last 2 decades. I simply do not understand why this is such a difficult request to fill. I have been begging for decades.

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