Walking Cradles March

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Size: 6
Width: N

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LOVE these shoes!

Finally found comfortable shoes that look great and feel even better! They do leave black marks on my tile floor but slipping them off and running my sock over it lifts it right off. The soles are non-slip and the leather upper is taking the winter weather very well. Well made shoe, highly recommend!!!

Bad design

They leave unsightly black marks on floor. Horrid!

These shoes do nothing but squeak!

I wore them for about two weeks, thinking the squeak would eventually go away, but I've had to stop wearing them in the office because everyone was laughing. Very embarrassing, to say the least. These shoes were too expensive to have that happen. If I didnt wear them for the two weeks, I would have sent them back.

Ahhhh so very comfortable! I can wear these all day!

These are the most comfortable shoes I have purchased in a long time! And they are beautiful!

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