Umberto Raffini Bamboo Rib Knee Hi

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Size: Medium

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Worth the price

I have been wearing these for years, and in fact when they've been on sale I've purchased lots of them so I never run out! The bottom of the feet are really soft and sort of padded, without feeling bulky at all. The elastic has always been just fine for me -- leaves a little ring under my knee when I take them off, but they don't feel restrictive. They last a long time (since I don't have smelly feet, I don't tend to wash them every time I wear them, but I think they last longer when I do), and since they are all the same I can get rid of one and still use the other one. Yes, they are expensive, but they are well worth it. Every so often I try other black knee-highs, but they just don't compare.

Soft as a Cloud

These are like a dream come true especially with sensitive feet. Make sure to hang them to dry. They do create a lot of lint.

Worst socks ever!

Havent even had these 6 months and they are showing wear on the heels. Also, the elastic is giving way on the top of the socks, so they slide down when walking. Not what I expected from this company and from reviews that were on this site.

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