GDefy by Gravity Defyer Ion

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Customer Reviews

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Poorly made

Would have given these shoes five stars but unfortunately they are poorly made. Bought them last summer and have only worn them maybe five months tops because of our winters, and already they are falling apart on the top of the shoe where the toes go. They are super comfortable but that's about it. I would expect them to last longer cause they weren't cheap.

Just okay - not what I expected

I find these shoes heavy and hot compared to walking shoes I've had in the past. Also, they are almost too soft and high - I always feel that my ankles could turn at any given point. I regret the purchase and will return to the brands I have purchased in the past. Way too much money for the experiment.


I love my new shoes and want another pair. I wear mine everyday to work and my body doesn't hurt has much when I get off. There is nothing about these shoes that I don't like .....

SO sturdy but comfortable

I have the worst feet on the planet. I must wear custom orthotics to avoid pain, so the only shoes that work for me have to have removable inserts. I also walk for exercise, so I have to have really sturdy walking shoes - no mesh, just solid leather. I have been wearing Brooks Addiction for a few years at the recommendation of my podiatrist, and they're great, but I wanted to try something new. I splurged on these - they're VERY expensive - but I'm glad I did because the minute I put them on I knew it was worth it. The comfort and foot stability is incredible, my orthotics fit inside perfectly, and I feel like I'm walking with a bounce in my step despite the shoes themselves NOT being lightweight. They are actually kind of clunky with a thick, chunky heel that is a good 2-3", but yet still look kind of cool and stylish despite it. They don't look like "old lady shoes" to me like SAS or similar brands. Overall, I think these may end up being the best and most comfortable walking shoes this bad-footed person will ever own!

Close to Perfect Shoe

I purchased this shoe from Gravity Defyer Ion. The shoe makes my legs, hips and back feel better while walking. The shoe is too high and I have a difficult time getting up from a seated position while wearing them. I have had a problem with the bottom layer of the soul coming loose. I have had to glue the bottoms back on after the second wearing and again after the 5th wearing in a different location. Exercise time is my favorite time to wear these shoes because they add bounce to my step.

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