GDEFY by Gravity Defyer Energiya

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Size: 6
Width: M

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Saved my walking experience

I am 70 years old and walk, with my husband, 2 miles a day. However, I was having such hip pain, I wasn't sure I could keep it up and considered going to the doctor to see about hip surgery. I got these shoes and would say I gained about 5 more years of easy walking. The shoes absorb a lot of shock to my ankles, knees, hips and lower back. I still have some pain, but it is getting less daily. I also notice I still feel better even after I have removed my shoes. I don't think I feel more stable, but I definitely plan to buy more of these shoes.

A new bounce to my step!

In the past, I've owned shoes with memory foam insoles, and rocking soles; but these are a HUGE improvement on how i walk, and how it distributes my weight and the aftershocks of each step. First, the fact that you get 3 Insoles to customize the inside of the shoe, creating the perfect fit for your foot! Then, the roomie toe box area, allowing for ample movement of the toes throughout the day. The sole is curved, making each step bouncy and propelling you towards your next step. Finally, the BEST part, and most unique feature, that i have never experienced before, is the shock-absorber in the heel! It is NO JOKE! Once you experience that, you never want to use regular shoes again!! Omg! I bought these shoes for an upcoming trip to Disney in June, and i knew that none of my current sneakers would cut it. I've recently had tremendous issues with my knees, causing tight muscles and cracking knees; i even had to do PT and knee injections and Voltaren 4x a day. So i wasn't going to travel to Disney without the right shoes. So far I've been using them to run errands, and i can tell the huge difference they make, and how the shoes not only prevent foot and knee pain, at the root of the problem, but also keep the pain from traveling up to my back, and the rest of the body. They are not cheap(i found an online coupon that i was able to use, which helped), but in the end, the results merit the cost. If you have Any issues with pain, GET THEM!!! TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

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