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Size: 6
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I tried to love this shoe!

I always wanted a pair of loafers that were comfortable yet had support. I thought these would be the pair. I tried them on and they were way too big, so I couldnt even judge the support or comfort. Unfortunately, these went back, and I didnt order a smaller size. The Walking Company does not have a good return policy, I paid over $13.95 to send back these loafers so wont try to order.

This shoe is very comfortable and stylish.

The shoe seems to be a better fit for wide feet. I have wide feet and feel comfort and support.

Worst "comfort" shoes I've ever purchased.

I have purchased many shoes from the Walking Company over the years. I almost exclusively wear Dansko or Abeo brand for non-athletic shoes. I commented these were slipping at the heel, and the clerk at the Cincinnatti store insisted that was how there were supposed to fit. Well, I wore them for one day to work, and unfortunately I did not take back up shoes. The top of the foot (instep) was too tight and painful. The sides were pinching near the front of the foot. So the front was too narrow and the back was too wide. I have average width feet, and usually fit in shoes fine. I just need the arch support for my high arches. But I'm usually okay on width. My feet are in so much pain and I didn't even walk in them that long yesterday. I have an office job. And my back and leg muscles are sore because I needed to alter my gait to walk in these terrible shoes. I'm in athletic shape, so it takes a bit to make me sore. I gave two stars because they are pretty and look like they would last.

Great shoe for work

I really tried to love this shoe....I usually wear a 9 and have very flat feet. Given the insoles were thick, I started with a 9.5- they were way to big. A size 9 was too big and even an 8.5 slipped in the heel. I liked the heel height for work, but the heels kept slipping so I gave up.

Loose in heel

I agree with the other reviewers regarding the heel which is a shame because these are super comfortable. I upgraded to the casual orthotic which made a huge difference to me in the comfort level. They have a classic design just wish they didnt slip its annoying. I bought them for standing for long periods of time. They work for that but I have to wear other shoes and then put these on when I get to my event. Bummer

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