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Meh. Very flat showes with NO arch support, make my feet hot

I got these for the color & design. I wanted something casual-dressy that would also be comfortable for light walking. Unfortunately these shoes are extremely flat, which isn't good for me because I have a high arch (apparently). The free insoles that were included did absolutely NOTHING for support. I ended up going to the drug store and buying not one, not two, but *THREE* pair of foam inserts that I then trimmed down to add support at the heel. But STILL there is no arch support, that's how flat these are. The disappointment didn't end there. They are extremely hot, make my feet sweaty, which doesn't work for me because I live in Southern California where it's mostly warm 10-11 months out of the year. These are advertised as "breathable", but that's total BS. The lining is synthetic which DOES NOT BREATH. Also they crease very easily. They look good, but I would not have bought these had I known of all the issues. Not worth the hassle and I can't even wear these now because they're so spongy with all the foam insoles I put in. It's like walking on a spongy trampoline, which doesn't work for me.

Perfect just what I need it

100% satisfactory. will like to get two more pairs

Nice feel, look not so great, especially compared to Nash boots

I've received two emails asking me to review this, so review I will. First, I love the Nash boots and absolutely cannot understand why ABEO discontinued them. By the time I discovered the Nash boots, they were already no longer available in black, so I got the Boyds in black. Whereas I love the look of the Nash boots, the Boyd boots have a kind of cushioned matte finish that makes giving them a nice shine with good shoe polish almost impossible. To me, they also have a slight look of snuggly snow boots--not the look I was going for, and FAR less attractive and stylish than the discontinued Nash boots. On the positive side, the feel and support of the Boyds are great. However, I purchased the ABEO Premium Orthotic-Metatarsal insole to go with them, which is in itself very expensive, but as I have a problematic knee from years of too much high-impact exercise, I need all the extra cushioning I can get. To sum it up, despite the cushioned support the Boyds have--thanks to the extra and expensive premium insole I bought for them, I couldnt recommend them for a situation where you want to be stylish. And finally, that tab on the back is horribly irritating. The pants get caught in them after sitting down, so when you stand and walk around, part of the pants cuff are tucked into that tab. Im very close to just snipping those tabs off. All in all, a mixed review, sorry, ABEO. Too bad you discontinued the Nash boots. They were wonderful.

Hurt my left foote

My feet hurt.what else can I say. Your service great.

Comfortable Wear All Day

I have a narrow heel so I tend to migrate towards boots to eliminate heel slippage. I wear them to work, church and casual outings. Recently I was at a work function that I was on my feet all day with a fair amount of walking. I was very impressed with these, no foot or leg fatigue and my feet were comfortable all day. I have several pair of Abeo shoes and all have been a 9 1/2, however I found a 9 to be a bit more fitting than the 9 1/2. I could have gone either way but I think the 9 felt better due to my narrow heel.

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