ABEO B.I.O.system Gabi Post

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Size: 5
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So comfortable

I have ankle problems for years and it has not gotten better. It got to the point where it felt like my ankles were on fire every night and I had so much leg pain and leg exhaustion. And I’m the morning they were so stiff and would crack as I walked. I was in constant pain. My doctor advised this website and I finally got my shoes; this pair (for house shoes) , a post tennis shoes and insoles and man I can truly say at the end of the day I feel NO MoRE ankle pain like they are on fire or leg exhaustion. In the morning they are no longer stiff and they don’t crack. Yea they hurt a bit because my ankles are horrible but it decreased substantially. And being a stay at home mom of 3 aged 3 and under and my husband away in the guard they are a life-saver. I am super grateful that you guys have shoes for overpronation. Thanks a million. 💕

UGLY! But so comfortable.

When the sales lady, who was about 20, showed me these shoes and told me to keep an open mind, I looked at her like she was CRAZY! She showed me the Walnut color (in my opinion, the ugliest color of the 4), told me to just try them on, and walk in them. I did. I humbly asked if they came in black. I still think they are ugly, but my goodness, do they feel so comfortable. I am ready to purchase another pair, but the price is extremely high. I also purchased a pair of tennis shoes for every day wear. Over $350 later on 2 pair of shoes, is way more than I can afford, to rotate shoes like you are supposed too.

Cute and comfortable

I've received lots of compliments about these sandals. People want to know what brand they are and where to get them. The straps are adjustable so you can get a perfect fit, and the shoes are very comfortable.

Back tab is too long, material is scratchy

This is supposedly the same shoe base as the Huntington and I love that shoe, so I was very glad to see a version of that shoe in fun colors, but the back closure on the Gabi is longer--too long, so that it hits the closure that crosses the top of the shoe. Also, the colored fabric material is scratchy and uncomfortable against the skin. Had to return them and will get Huntingtons instead. I can wear those right out of the box.

Best Pair of Sandals!

When my doctor said no more flat sandals, I was devastated. Enter The Walking Company and these amazing sandals. Saved my summer.

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