ABEO B.I.O.system Benefit Neutral

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Size: 4
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I miss the Beautiful Sandals

I’ve worn so many pairs of your metatarsal sandals over the years but none of your current offerings are as great as the beautiful thong. I loved it, lightweight, cool, leather. I so miss them. Please bring them back.

Strap loosens as you wear

While these were initially comfortable, the adjustable strap loosens when you wear the shoe making it hard to keep on all the time. You automatically grip with your toes when this happens, so long term comfort is not there. I wanted to love these but would not recommend purchasing.


I have 2 pair of the ABEO Benefit sandals. A few months ago I purchased a pair in brown (tan) and I love them so much I ordered them in white. I received the white pair today. ABEO makes the most comfortable shoes on the market. These sandals fit true to size. I wear them all day at work and they are just as comfortable at the end of the day as they are in the morning. The strap in between the toes is very comfortable. And the straps around the foot is very comfortable. The side strap is adjustable, so the fit is perfect. They stay on perfectly, without having to grip my toes. I was hesitant to buy the first pair because there were a couple of reviews saying they had to grip their toes to keep them from sliding off. Those people must have bought the incorrect size or they have super tiny feet. Slipping sandals is a pet peeve of mine. This is not a problem with these sandals if you buy the correct size. I am 100% happy with them. They fit like a glove and they are super comfortable!! Thank you ABEO for the great quality and craftsmanship with all of your shoes. I own several different styles and am 100% satisfied with every single pair.

No bueno

I own and love Abeo sandals. This one missed the mark. They hurt between my toes and I have to hang on to them so they don’t slip off! They are also a bit short. I looked in the mirror and my heels are off the edge. Never had that problem with Abeo. Loved the color. Going to donate them.

Love Benefit Sandals

I picked up a pair of Benefit sandals over 1 year ago, and have been wearing them ever since – except in the garden, they are too pretty for the garden. They fit well, are comfortable and adjustable. And after two summers of wear, they still look great! This is surprising, as I am very hard on my shoes. Toward the end of this spring, I damaged my left ankle and had to wear a bulky brace. Due to the adjustable ankle strap I was able to wear the sandal and the brace with summer dresses without feeling like I looked ridiculous. Thank You Benefit!!! 100% satisfied!!!!

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