ABEO 24/7 Joy

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Size: 7
Width: M

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Steel shank makes them unusable

Other shoes I considered on this site listed having a steel shank and I relied on this site's description for this shoe that did not mention a steel shank. Also the flight attendant review that didn't mention a steel shank. I work at an airport and having a steel shank makes these work shoes unusable since I have to take them off to go thru the metal detector. I have to go thru several times a day. It's a shame the shoes themselves are OK and the metatarsal insert for plantar fasciitis send good. I wore them to work once and learned of the steel shank and so they are not returnable. I pointed out the lacking info on the description. WC only offered a $20 coupon. I think I'll just shop elsewhere. I can't afford to buy shoes that I can't wear. I loved shopping in store in Chicago but I moved and obviously customer service and product info for online purchases is just not up to par.

Best shoes ever

I rode these until the wheels fell off. I was a cocktail waitress for over 2 years and walked many miles a day. They never hurt and were perfect for my wide feet

horrible shoes!

I hate it when I gamble on expensive shoes and they don't deliver as promised! These shoes feel comfortable at first, but after a couple of hours they become extremely painful. The strap seems to be in the wrong place. It seemed like the orthotics that came with them made everything else off kilter, so I tried them without the orthotics, but without them the bottom is extremely thin and unsafe to walk in.

Not comfortable across the foot

The shoes are not as comfortable as described. Across the top will hurt your foot after just a few hours. If you do not use the ortho insoles that come with the shoe you can feel the floor through the shoe. For almost two hundred dollars these shoes are poor quality and uncomfortable. I am so disappointed I purchased these shoes. The return policy does not allow for return of worn items. So if you wear once and find not comfortable you will not be able to return, so money wasted..

super comfy

i bought these for work. as a cocktail server in a busy property working 12hr shifts sometimes, they were always super comfy. I personally don't think they are the cutest shoes but I got compliments on them lol. I am all about comfort though!! after a lot of wear over a year, they still have a lot of life. super great quality!! i would buy them again

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