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When arthritis attacks a knee joint, you feel it! The FootSmart Med Knee Brace is lightweight and provides relief from arthritis pain or chondromalacia (runner’s knee) on the lateral (outside) or medial (inside) side of the knee. A single-side, flexible hinge and cross-strapping apply corrective force, reducing bone-on-bone pain and improving joint function. Removable cushioning pads on the inside and outside for targeted compression.

Note: The hinge goes on the side where you feel the pain. If you have lateral (outside) pain, the hinge goes on the outside of the leg. If you have medial (inside) pain, the hinge goes on the inside of the leg.

Sizing: S - 12" - 13.5",  - 14" - 15.5", L - 16" - 17.5", XL -18" - 20.5", XXL - 21" - 23"

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