Worlds Softest Classic Crew

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Size: Medium

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Very Pricey!

I actually came here to buy a pair of quality men's slip-on house shoes in size 10.5 W, a size which is hard to find elsewhere. But they were priced a nickle short of the minimum for free shipping. So, rather than spend $15 on shipping, I opted for the "accessory" the web site suggested, which was these socks. But somehow I had the impression that I was spending $12 for a package of THREE pairs. WRONG! I only got ONE pair! ... and now I see on the description that they're actually for women, which explains the tighter/shorter feel I'm not used to in a crew sock (of which I have a drawer full). So my verdict is ... not a good value & not for men.


durability, ( mine are still in my sock drawer,15 years, plus ) I am still wearing them. softness, cushiony sole, not stretching out when others ( with bigger feet ) have borrowed them. I LOVE THEM. color choices are amazing, for both men and women. was so sad to find my go to store had closed, Tanger outlet, Williamsburg ,Ia. SOCKS GALORE, then found out, i can get you online. THANKYOU for continuing to give us, the worlds softest sock. Dannette

Out of Stock Till When?

This sock is one of the best I have worn. Too bad it is out of stock.

Great Socks!

My husband just loves these soft socks. Being on his feet at work a lot, these socks support his feet. We are buying more.

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