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Toe Loops, Pack of 3

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66% of customers would recommend this to a friend (103 out of 156)
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  • Order wide for large toe or narrow for smaller toes.
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Ease the pain and discomfort of hammertoes and toes that overlap with Toe Loops

These non-bulky, loop-and-wrap Toe Loops in breathable, no-slip foam secure two toes and reposition them together to help straighten hammertoes and overlapping toes. Adjusts to your level of comfortable firmness.

Features & Benefits of Toe Loops:

  • Loop-and-wrap design holds two or more toes together to stabilize and straighten them.
  • Cushioning relieves rubbing and irritation on the top of your toes caused by hammertoes.
  • Layer of thin, dense, non-slip foam distributes pressure without adding bulk.
  • Nylon / spandex fabric offers breathability.

Other Important Information About Toe Loops:

  • Material Content: nylon / spandex with foam backing (latex-free and rubber-free).
  • Care: Hand wash. Air dry.
  • Imported.

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Very disappointed.

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Not worth the money. Flimsy, will not last long. It is not strong enough to hold my big toe down. What a waste of money. Will not order any more, make myself something out of Velcro.
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Too big

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As described, this product should work well for "buddy taping" a broken toe. I liked the idea of having something that could be washed and re-used. But the loop part of this . . . the part that slips over the toe . . . isn't adjustable and is about twice the diameter of my #4 toe, even though it's swollen, with the result that there's extra fabric in the way that's uncomfortable in a shoe and totally defeats the purpose. I can't recommend this since I can't imagine how it would fit anyone.
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hammer/crossed toe help

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Best thing I've tried so far. I have a hammer toe and it is starting to cross over the next toe too. Comfortable. I've bought several packs so I can wash and wear.
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Just what I needed

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I had foot surgery a couple of years ago and while still healing, I dropped a heavy object on my foot. As a result, one of my toes is crooked, and I haven't yet felt like having more surgery to repair it. But I also love to wear flip flops and sandals in the nice weather. These toe loops look much nicer than band aids or other types of devices I've tried before. You can obviously see them, but they are neat looking and comfortable. I will be ordering more.
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