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Shoe Toe Box Raiser (Women's)

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75% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 4)

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Women’s Shoe Toe Box Raiser — need more room for your toes? This stretcher is for you!

This toe raiser is designed specifically to stretch the toe area of a shoe, helping relieve irritation caused by hammertoes, bunions, overlapping toes and other sensitive foot conditions. Lifts the toe area, giving your toes more room to wiggle. Helps reduce corns and calluses by reducing the friction caused by toes that are too tight in the toe box. Stretch to maintain the fit you want, or with new shoes, eliminate the break-in period. Cobbler-quality construction.

Features & Benefits of Women’s Shoe Toe Box Raiser:

  • Expandable toe raiser stretches toe box to give toes more room and relieve bunions, hammertoes, crowded toes, overlapping toes, sensitive toes, corns and calluses.
  • Adjustable stretch allows you to stretch the toe box to the height you need.
  • Slim form fits into most shoes.
  • Fits into left or right shoe, so you only need one stretcher.

Other Important Information About Women’s Shoe Toe Box Raiser:

  • Place the stretcher into your shoe and turn the handle clockwise until the stretcher matches the height of the instep.
  • Continue to turn the handle clockwise up to two additional turns to stretch. Leave in shoe for 12 hours. Repeat if additional stretch is needed.
  • Material Content: birch wood, steel.
  • Imported.

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Well constructed and easy to use

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Arthritis and neuropathy have made my feet extremely sensitive to any pressure from the toe box on shoes. This device, along with buying shoes with a roomy toe box, helps to alleviate a lot of the pressure and pain.
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Too wide to fit closed shoes

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Unfortunately this product is too wide to fit far enough into closed toe shoes, heels in particular. I ordered the 5-8.5 shoe size, which has a size 2 stamped on it, since I wear a size 6WW shoe. As a previous reviewer noted, the stretcher goes only partially down into the toe box and then slips out. This defeats the purpose of giving your toes more wiggle room. It is not available in a Small. Too bad, because it seemed like a solution for my problem. I would recommend it for someone who needs it for lifting sandal straps or other shoes with an already very wide toe box. As I said, I wear a WW shoe and it still did not fit into my 1 1//4" heel shoe.
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did not work

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I was really hoping this would do the trick, as my usual problem with shoes is the toebox being too flat. I bought this in the correct size, but when I inserted it all the way down into the toebox and started tightening it, it just kept slipping further back in the shoe away from the toebox and therefore I was unable to stretch anything with it. I think maybe because the overall size of the stretcher seems to be too large for what it's supposed to do and I could try a size down, but for the cost of the item plus shipping and possible return shipping it just isn't worth the effort
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A Life Saver

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I love Sanita clogs but find they are a little snug w/my bunions. With this, I spray a little shoe spray to release the leather, insert the toe box raiser, and let the shoe set for 24 hrs. At the end of the time, my shoes are perfect. Just enough stretch to relieve the pressure on certain areas of my feet. Tried the width stretchers, and they helped but this really did the job.
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