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Darco Body Armor Dorsal Night Splint

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78% of customers would recommend this to a friend (28 out of 36)
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Darco Body Armor Dorsal Night Splint — how can a toe strap ease heel and arch pain?

The innovation of this night splint comes from the way a toe strap stretches the foot to a near 90-degree angle. This position promotes the foot’s natural Windlass mechanism, alleviating the pain of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, while preventing ankle pressure. The 2-setting elastic connector ring allows for natural and adjustable flexion of foot and toes. Low-profile design with EVA foam cushioning aids in sleeping comfort.


Caution: Do not prolong use if toe(s) goes numb.

Features & Benefits of Darco Body Armor Dorsal Night Splint:

  • Toe strap positions the foot at a near 90-degree angle, helping eliminate the lever effect that results in uncomfortable ankle pressure.
  • Two setting elastic connector ring provides adjustable flexion.
  • Low profile design offers a comfortable feel.
  • Splint also helps stretch the Achilles tendon, tibial tendon deep flexor tendons and calf muscles.

Other Important Information About Darco Body Armor Dorsal Night Splint:

  • Material Content: plastic resin, foam, cotton, polyester.
  • Care: Remove soft material and toe loops. Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry. Shell and padding may be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not use solvents to clean product.
  • Imported.

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Seems to be helping

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I have been wearing the Darco night splint for exactly 7 nights straight for my Plantar Fasciitis which began 9 months ago. I have pursued different ways to get relief during the day which is when it bothers me the most. I really didn't have pain at night but I was sleeping with pillows at the end of my bed which I would press my foot against. I did this because two previous methods of splinting at night were not comfortable. After having looked at many styles of splints over the last few months and reading reviews, I chose to try this and I am so glad I found it. I sleep mainly on my side and this makes it so easy to turn over. What I like most is that I can get up at night and walk a few feet into my bathroom without removing it. I do struggle a little with getting it on as the Velcro keeps sticking to other parts and I have to keeping un-sticking it and working my foot into it. I also have to put a little padding at the top where my toes want to rub and under the part that goes against my shin bone area as that does tend to get sore and it was a little bruised the first night without padding it. I tried loosening it but then I felt my ankle shifting. This helps a lot to make everything secure feeling. Thankful to other reviewers comments which provided some good tips---especially the pillow under the leg and between the knees. It does help take the strain off my knee. Occasionally after about 5 hrs. I do remove the toe strap for the remainder of the night if the toes starts to feel a little numb. I wish I could just find something to make my days as comfortable now as my nights.
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night splints

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just got these yesterday and my feet are feeling so much better. have suffered from bone spurs for years now due to pf my left heel cord had become inflamed with severe pain and debilitation. I have worn these braces all day and night. they have helped relieve the pain. so happy I have found them. Very easy to get in and out of. The velcro stays fastened no worries. I highly recommend this item for anyone that suffers from pf heel spurs and heel cord pain.
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Best Brace

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I have had another Plantar brace that was difficult to get into by myself, and made it impossible to walk (what if the house caught on fire). This one is none of those things -- easy to get into, comfortable and you can walk (not long distances). I did not find this uncomfortable -- just don't put it on too tight.
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It's ok.

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I think this is a good product and it does the job of keeping my foot flexed. However, I have not seen a big improvement in my pain level in the AM. Also, I cannot wear it all night long. I wake up every night and have to take it off. It makes me almost claustrophobic. Not sure I will be wearing it every night.
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