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5-in-1 Toe Spacer, 6 Pack

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85% of customers would recommend this to a friend (11 out of 13)

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5-in-1 Toe Spacer — five different ways to help relieve your toe problems

Many people who have bunions have other toe problems, such as hammertoes, overlapping toes or corns. That’s where the 5-in-1 Toe Spacer comes in handy! Made of cushiony, latex-free foam, this multi-purpose product helps relieve a variety of toe problems, which are often caused by wearing shoes with a cramped toe box. Leave the spacer together to wear as a bunion splint. You can also pull it apart and use the pieces as a toe shaper to be worn in shoes during the day, a toe separator, and a toe protector / corn cushion… or wear it overnight as a nighttime rejuvenator and wake up with better feeling feet.

Caution: If you have diabetes or poor circulation, consult a physician before use.

Features & Benefits of 5-in-1 Toe Spacer:

  • Pull foam apart at the C-shaped cut and slip the D-shaped opening around the second and third toes or the big toe to stretch and help relieve bunions during the day.
  • Cut the smaller piece with the half circular opening in half and use between toes to gently separate and help reduce friction on crooked toes or overlapping toes.
  • Cut the D-shaped piece removed from the D-shaped opening in half and slip around any of the four smaller toes to act as a toe protector and corn cushion.
  • To use as a bunion splint, wear with D-shaped opening around the second and third toes or the big toe without pulling the pieces apart.
  • Wear toe spacers to bed to stretch toes overnight, helping rejuvenate feet as you sleep.

Other Important Information About 5-in-1 Toe Spacer:

  • Material Content: latex-free foam.
  • Made in USA.

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Cushion enough to provide relief

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I do like this product as it does provide some relief along with a layered cushion effect over/under my toes where my shoes pinch my toes. As a result of toe surgery my foot is in far worse condition than if I would have just left it along. The bunion is still there, the bones removed I now have hammer toes which seems that eventually they will overlap. My foot is in constant discomfort. This product does provide some relief and because it is like a form my toes does not feel over crowded in my shoes. My only problem is that you will need to be careful in regards to pulling it apart and how you place it over your toes as I have already tore the portion that I need to use. I took off because it tears easily and cannot be fixed.
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Comfortable; effective

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Can wear barefoot or with shoes or slippers. Stays in place until you want to remove them.
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Best spacer I've found

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When used properly (as shown in the picture), this spacer provides comfort for the big toe and some degree of separation of the big toe to the overlapping 2nd toe. At the very least it keeps the overlapping toe from smashing on top of the big toe by providing cushion between them. There are sever spacers in the box and they last for several months. I highly recommend these.
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Comfortable and practical

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I have been using this handy product for several months now and can't leave home without it. I am trying to fix a toe injury caused by wearing ill-fitting tennis shoes. My middle toe became crooked and started leaning towards the big toe (which is also doing a great job of creating a bunion). These spacers help keep the toes apart at night as well as when I'm playing tennis. The only bad thing is that they don't hold up well in a washing machine, so you might want to hand wash them.
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