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About Our FootSmart Health Resource Center
About Foot Health Resource Center

At FootSmart, we know that better health runs from your toes to, quite literally, your head. That’s why we’ve partnered with The Podiatry Institute to bring you useful content about foot and lower body ailments and wellness.

We take the same painstaking care in creating and curating these articles as we do in our products.

Our FootSmart content team reviews articles and slideshows regularly so you can trust this content is the latest and greatest information available. And, we often add new topics or features, so come back frequently to see what's new.

Our goal? To help you make informed decisions about your foot, leg, and back health. Of course, we don't intend for this content to replace the advice of your podiatrist or specialist. But, our hope is the content will help you ask smart questions.

This information on foot, leg and lower body health conditions is reviewed by the Running Injury Clinic, as well as The Podiatry Institute, dedicated to advancing the standard of care in podiatric medicine and its effects on musculoskeletal health. The Running Injury Clinic and The Podiatry Institute do not endorse a specific treatment, product or therapy. This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. While the products are designed to help relieve symptoms of your ailments, they may not be a cure and will not provide the same results for everyone. Please consult your health care provider on all matters relating to this or any other condition that may affect your health.