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About Product Reviews

How do I submit a product review? 
It’s this easy:

1. Navigate to the product you want to review
2. Click on the review icon
3. Log-in or create an account
4. Complete the review form and click submit

How long will it take for my review to display on the site? 
It will take approximately five business days from the date that you submit your review until it is published on our live site. Protecting the community from inappropriate or obscene content is a top priority. We will read all reviews and reserve the right to reject any without notice.

Where will my product reviews appear? 
Your reviews will appear on the product’s detail page. However, all reviews become the property of upon submission. Therefore we reserve the right to republish reviews in our catalogs and other sales and marketing materials without further notice or consent.

Can I review products on your site that I purchased elsewhere? 
Yes. While we prefer that you purchase from, we value your experience and understand the importance of sharing it with our community. We welcome your review regardless of where you purchased the product. However, your review must be of the exact same product, not one that is similar or from the same brand. If we are able to determine that your review is of a similar product, but not the exact one we carry, we have the right to delete your review without notice.

What should I include in my review? 
Please be as specific and detailed as possible. Focus on specific features of the product such as the fit, which is one of the most helpful features you can discuss. Your input in this area can help the next customer select the right size when they order. For example, if you bought an exercise shoe, tell us how the shoe felt as you performed your exercises. Remember that Product Reviews are just about products. If you'd like to comment on our services, we invite you to contact Customer Care. (Your comment will be sent privately to our staff.)

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