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Smartflexx Back Stretching Aid

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71% of customers would recommend this to a friend (5 out of 7)

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Lie down, relax and stretch out your back with the SmartFlexx Back Stretching Aid

Spend a few minutes every day on your back and your body will thank you for it. This ergonomically-designed stretcher is designed to help ease muscle fatigue, as well as improve posture. Stretching supports your spine’s natural curvature to also help relieve back pain and stiffness. As a result, you’ll feel more relaxed, rejuvenated and a little more rested.
Caution: Not recommended for those with osteoporosis, fused vertebrae and women who are pregnant.

Features & Benefits of SmartFlexx Back Stretching Aid:

  • Stretcher realigns and supports the vertebrae to help promote better posture and flexibility.
  • Versatile design allows you to do both lower and upper back stretches to help reduce stiffness where you feel it most.
  • Stretching helps relax and ease muscle fatigue and pain.
  • Anatomically correct shape supports the natural curvature of the spine, stretching your back to help relieve muscle fatigue and strain.

Other Important Information About SmartFlexx Back Stretching Aid:

  • Some assembly required.
  • Material Content: ABS plastic.
  • Care: Wipe off with a damp cloth.
  • Measurements: 20" x 10" x 2".
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs.
  • Imported.

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Sturdy but didn't work for me

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You have to assemble this. The parts are plastic but very sturdy and this is not flimsy. So I think it is worth the money. I bought this one from Footsmart because it looked a lot better than the others that are similar and sold elsewhere. After putting it together, I tried it on my back. It didn't have the result that I was looking for. It made my back hurt more, like when I over do bending down. It may work for others. I can only say that this is a well made product, easy to put together.
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I love my new back stretching aid! It is very sturdy, comfortable and perfectly contoured for my back. I have been having a lot of back and neck pain so this is exactly what I needed. After I lay on it in both directions (one way for lower and one way for upper back), I do several of my fav yoga floor exercises. Yesterday, I showed it to my chiropractor and he liked it so much, he took a pic of the brochure with his phone. He highly recommended I use it one to three times a day for the recommended 2-3 minutes each time. Oh, and very easy to assemble if written instructions are followed.
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Relaxes back

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Even though this item is hard and a little uncomfortable when you first lay back on it, relaxing your back and laying still...and bending your knees...really helps. Jury is still out as to long term effect, but I have actually fallen asleep on it more than once. My only complaint is that it's a little longer than I am and my head rests on it rather than off of it...makes me want to use a pillow, but I'm not sure I'm getting the same stretch when I do.
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Stretch and Relax

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I have osteoporosis and bought this product to use to stretch and relax my back. I found it was easy to put together. The trick is to read the directions and put all the blue bars on one side first and then attach the other side after that. Three of the bars are secured with screws which ensures that it stays together and is firm. I love the product for relaxing my tired back. The one flaw for me is that the plastic is so hard that I need to put a towel over it to give it some cushion. Doing that it works out fine and I think it's a good value.
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