What's the secret to SoftSpots® comfort? It's in the footbeds!

SoftSpots footbeds with Pillow Top technology do more
than just cushion and comfort your feet. By responding to
your weight and movements, the temperature-sensitive
memory foam in SoftSpots shoes cradles feet in cloud-like
softness and naturally conforms to the unique contours of
your feet to help ease foot stress and soreness.

Cushioned Pillow Top memory
foam redistributes your
body weight evenly over the
entire surface of the footbed
to ease walking stress and
help reduce pressure points.
Amazing Pillow Top footbeds
also never lose their shape,
always bouncing back to their original form even when your
feet have been in the shoes for hours.

Did you know? Memory foam was originally developed by NASA
scientists over 30 years ago to relieve G-force pressure on astronauts during lift-off. Now this same
technology cushions your feet as you walk for out-of-this-world comfort.

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Video: SoftSpots Pillow Top Memory Foam

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