Refine your shoe fit

Refine Your Shoe Fit

Running shoes are your most important

Have you spent hours trying to find the right running shoes but don’t have the perfect fit? Or, are you recovering from an injury or ailment and need temporary support or relief? Learn how you can customize the fit of your running shoes through orthotics, insoles, cushions, socks, and more from FootSmart and The Running Injury Clinic.

When to Customize Your Shoe Fit

To refine the fit of your running shoes, follow these steps.

  1. Get the Facts About Your Feet, Your Injury, or Your Ailment
    When you were fitted for running shoes, you probably learned facts about your feet and lower body such as

    Those facts will serve you well in refining your shoe fit. Need a refresher? Visit this guide to selecting running shoes from

    If you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with an ongoing foot condition, all the facts about your injury or ailment will help you customize your shoes in the right way. For an overview of common running injuries and conditions, see Healthy Running 101. Consult with your doctor about your specific symptoms and the severity of your running injury or condition.

  2. Identify What Doesn't Work or Needs Extra Support
    Get as precise as you can. The more accurately you can identify your need, then the more likely you will choose the right type of foot aid. To help, consider this quick checklist of potential issues or needs.
    • Where is your pain or discomfort happening—your heels, your arch, your shins, or somewhere else?
    • Are your feet moving or rubbing uncomfortably against your shoes? If so, in what way? Are you getting blisters, calluses, or corns?
    • Do your shoes fit well, but they’re not as cushioned as you like, especially for longer runs?
  3. Match the Right Foot Aid With Your Needs
    Now, you’re ready to consider aids that are designed to meet your needs.
    If You Need This… Consider Foot Aids Such As…
    Relief from arch pain or pain due to
    arch-related conditions
    Relief from heel pain or tenderness Heel cusions and cups
    Less movement of your feet inside your shoes Orthotics and insoles
    Less rubbing of your feet against your shoes
    or prevention of blisters, calluses, or corns
    Socks designed to prevent friction
    Extra cushioning or support Insoles and cushions
    Again, if you’re recovering from an injury or serious condition, we suggest confirming your choices with your doctor.
  4. Assess and Adjust
    Try out your shoes with the foot aid. If the fit is close but not yet what you need, consider whether you need to make some final tweaks such as
    • Adjusting the way you lace your shoes to relieve pressure and make room for the foot aid.
    • Trimming customizable accessories, such as insoles. Be sure to follow the directions closely to customize.
Essential steps to refining shoe fit

So, those are the essential steps to refine your running shoe fit. At FootSmart, we offer a range of carefully selected accessories to help make your shoes fit exactly the way you need. We carry only orthotics, insoles, heel cushions, socks, and other aids proven to work when used the right way, so you can be confident that shopping from FootSmart means choosing from only the best.