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Motivational Tips to Keep Walking & Exercising

Benefits of Walking

Doctors have been studying the health benefits of walking almost as long as people have been walking. Throughout the years they have come up with dozens of motivating reasons to walk for at least 30 minutes a day.

Among them are:

  • Weight control
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • A reduced risk of Type II Diabetes and better management of both Type I and Type II Diabetes

Walking is also a proven mood elevator. You can reduce your stress, as well as your blood pressure, when you take regular walks.

The feel-good benefits of walking are apparent almost immediately. Your circulation improves, you begin to sleep better and you have more energy throughout the day.

Tips on Walking & Keeping to Your Program

While all of these benefits are great, we have some more simple tips and steps you can take to stay motivated.


Walk with a friend

Whether you walk with another person or a pet, walking with a companion is a great way to stay motivated. You wouldn’t want to miss dedicated time with your friends, would you?


Pick a landmark in the U.S. and “walk” there.

Our country is full of great cities and landmarks. Unfortunately, we can’t always hop on an airplane to see them—but we can all walk the distance to get there! Choose your favorite landmark and determine how many miles you would have to “walk” to get there. Then use a pedometer to count your steps everyday and convert them into miles. You can even track your mileage with plots on a map! How many laps around the office will it take you to walk to the Grand Canyon? Mount Rushmore? Central Park?


Train for an event

There are tons of “walkathons” and other walking events going on around the country all year long. Make your daily walk a training session for an event of your choice. If you participate in a charity walk, your training will benefit two causes: your charity and your health.


Change your walking route

If you usually walk in your neighborhood, take a ride to another part of town and walk through a different neighborhood. If you frequent the park or a specific walking trail, try a different one. You can even play tourist and walk your local downtown area and museums.


Take a walking vacation

That may sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. When you plan your next vacation, pick a city that encourages walking, like New York, New Orleans or even Paris. You won’t remember that you’re getting your daily workout in as you soak in the sites and culture.


Join an online walking community

While going online may seem contrary to getting moving, online groups can be an excellent source of support and motivation. You can exchange tips and tricks and get great suggestions from the group to make your walk more fun. A few places to look into include: the American Heart Association’s Choose to Move web site and iVillage.

Please remember to take the appropriate safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings no matter when you walk, especially in a new place.

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