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Walking in Inclement Weather

Once you start your walking program, you’ll find that you look forward to your daily walks. In fact, most people who walk everyday report that not only do they feel better, they sleep better and experience less stress on days when they walk versus days that they don’t walk. So how do you keep walking when inclement weather makes it difficult to get outdoors?

FootSmart has some great ideas to help keep you in step!

  • Take Off to the Store
    Whether you go to the mall, a grocery store, or even a local craft store, you can still get your exercise. Depending on the size of the store, take a few laps around the interior perimeter. Then weave your way up and down each aisle. Walking in a mall or store with more than one floor? Even better! Ratchet up your walk by taking a trip up the stairs, walking the perimeter and each aisle or department. Make sure you take the stairs back down to get the most benefits. Bring your watch or a pedometer to be certain you get the same amount of exercise as you usually do on your daily walks.

    Here’s something to keep in mindget your walking in before you do any shopping! If you realize that you’ve started to slow your pace, motivate yourself to get back on track by rewarding yourself at the end of your walk with that special something that caught your eye.

  • Go to a Gym or Local Recreation Center
    Even if you do not have a gym membership, many places offer complimentary, or low cost short-term passes. Take this opportunity to walk around the track. You can bring a music player with your favorite tunes, or outdoor sounds to make the most of it. The staff at the facility should be able to tell you how long their track is and how many laps equal a mile, so you can keep up with your average walking miles.

  • Walk Inside Your Home
    While it may not seem as exciting as getting out of the house, walking in your home can be just as effective. You can set up a “track” in your house or even walk in place. There are several walking videos available that show you how to get a great walk indoors. An alternative to a walking video is to find a great 30-minute show you don’t often get to watch. Turn it on and walk in place! You’ll still get your workout, and being stuck in the house won’t seem so bad.

The most important thing to remember is… keep moving! Rather than being a bump on a log during bad weather, get creative and have some fun! The more options you find for your walking routine, the more excited you will be to do it. And building excitement is a great way to turn a walking routine into a healthier way of life.

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