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Socks for Foot Health & Other Conditions

When it comes to footcare, socks can be one of your greatest tools. The FootSmart sock selection is loaded with technology to help keep even problematic feet in comfort.

The merchants at FootSmart have identified areas where specialized socks can make a real difference in keeping feet healthy. Read on to see how you can find some relief in one or more of our socks.

  • Socks for Sensitive Feet

    Look for socks with a low profile or no seam to help reduce rubbing and chafing on the toes. Hand-linked toe closures are also great for those with sensitive feet. Plus, a contoured foot and heel will provide a better fit, further reducing rubbing and chafing all over the foot.

  • Socks for Wide Feet and/or Calves

    People with wide feet and calves often experience binding and red marks on their ankles. However, socks made with extra stretch are designed for wider calves to prevent binding and sliding. Plus, socks with extra stretch are often made with special yarns and feel better than the average sock.

  • Socks For Those with Diabetes or Poor Circulation

    Those with diabetes, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or poor circulation can benefit from graduated compression socks. Available in low, medium or high compression, these socks are very fitted and help stimulate blood flow back up the body. Many people who wear compression socks report feeling more energy in their legs when they are wearing them. Frequent travellers, such as those who take long car or airplane trips experience swelling in their feet and / or tingling and lethargy in their legs, can also benefit from compression socks. Compression socks help reduce or prevent swelling and keep legs feeling vital. Due to the high degree of elastic in compression socks, it is best to replace them every three to four months to get the best results. To get the most life out of compressions socks you should hand wash them, or wash on the delicate cycle and line dry.

  • Socks with Spandex for Weak Arches

    People with low or flat arches need extra support to alleviate pain. Socks with arch support have an spandex band that surrounds the arch giving support and compression. However, the sock is not any thicker than a regular sock, making it easy to fit into your shoes. Not only are these socks great for low or flat arches, people with plantar fasciitis can find relief as well. Please note: those with diabetes and people with latex allergies may want to stay away from arch support socks.

  • Socks for Cold Feet

    People with cold feet have several options. One of the best options is to find socks made of angora wool. Angora is three times warmer than wool and does not itch. Your feet will stay warm and comfortable. Another option is to select padded socks. The extra padding makes it tougher for the cool air to get inthough most padded socks are only padded on the bottoms. Finally, many people report that toe socks keep their feet extra warm.

  • Socks for Hyperhidrosis and / or Feet Prone to Fungal Infections

    People who have feet that perspire heavily (hyperhidrosis) or are prone to fungal infections like athlete’s foot have options to keep their feet feeling good. First, consider socks with moisture-wicking properties. These socks move moisture away from the skin, allowing it to stay dryer. There are many types of antimicrobial treatments available in socks, such as socks made with copper or silver threads. They help reduce the likelihood of developing Athlete's Foot. It is possible to get socks with both moisture-wicking and antimicrobial features.

As you can see, socks have come a long way in providing comfort and relief. When you select socks with specific features, you can use them as healthy tool in your daily footcare regimen.

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