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Tools and Techniques for Donning Your Graduated Support Hosiery and Socks

Due to the specific therapeutic nature and tighter fit of graduated support, these products are more difficult to don than traditional socks and hosiery. Click below to view videos demonstrating a number of different methods for easily putting on your graduated support hosiery and socks.

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Viewing Tips:

  • To watch the videos at a larger size, click the link to launch the video and then right-click on your player window to select a larger size. (Mac people can resize the video via the “View” menu.)
  • The download time for each Dial-Up video should be less than one minute for 33.6K and 56K modems, under normal Internet circumstances.
VIDEO CLIPS Windows Media Player Real Player
Dial-Up Broadband Dial-Up Broadband
Heel Pocket Out Method
Donning Gloves
Stocking Donner
Easy Slide for Open Toe Stockings
Easy Slide for Closed Toe Stockings
All Methods (broadband only, 6.7 MB)    
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Note: If you are unable to view the videos, please choose a different player or download speed.

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