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iComfort Deluxe Massaging Belt

Item #: 31212

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Get soothing, massaging comfort to go with the iComfort Deluxe Massaging Belt!

Relax, anytime you want—anywhere you want—with this versatile massaging belt from iComfort. With just a flick of a switch you’ll get a soothing massage that works wonders on tired muscles. High-performance percussion and tapping massagers deliver a well-balanced treatment on your shoulder, neck, back, waist, thighs and legs. Choose from two pre-programmed massage options or customize your massage with the 22 manual modes and 8 intensity levels.

Features & Benefits of iComfort Deluxe Massaging Belt:

  • Percussion / tapping massage helps soothe and relieve aching muscles.
  • Two automatic settings and a manual setting with 22 modes allow you to customize the massage.
  • Versatile belt design with handles is easy to wear on your neck, back, thighs or calves for a massage right where you want it.
  • Eight intensity levels allow you to get the level of relief you need.
  • Heated function helps loosen tense muscles for added relief.

Other Important Information About iComfort Deluxe Massaging Belt:

  • Imported.