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Silicone Arch Pads, Pair

Item #: 10804
40% of customers would recommend this to a friend (2 out of 5)

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  • One size fits most women.
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Give your arches a boost with Women’s Silicone Arch Pads

These 100% silicone arch pads support the arch to help stabilize feet, preventing overpronation (foot rolls inward too much) and fallen arches. Plus, they help reduce friction so walking is more comfortable, and they even help relieve bunions by aligning the big toe. The curved design easily fits into most shoes, including high heels.

Features & Benefits of Women’s Silicone Arch Pads:

  • 100% silicone arch pad supports the arch to relieve arch pain and prevent overpronation or fallen arches.
  • Foot-length pad redistributes pressure across the whole foot, creating less stress on the arch.
  • Curved instep fits the contours of most shoes, even dress shoes, high heels and ballet flats.

Other Important Information About Women’s Silicone Arch Pads:

  • Material Content: 100% silicone.
  • Imported.

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Stiff & Hard

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I wish I had heeded the other reviews, before I bought these. These are stiff, won't conform to my foot, and worst of all, do not stay in place in my shoe. These are terrible arch inserts.
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Too hard

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These arches were hard and didn't mold at all too my feet. They were very uncomfortable even under the shoe liner and I couldn't use them
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Too hard and does not stay in place

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These silicone pads were pushing into my arches, but also it would not stay in place because there are no sticky pads on it. I tried to affix it with a velcro sticky pad, but the sticky part does not stick well against the silicone. It might work best for someone with really high arches, mine are normal, but fatigues when wearing higher heels (higher than 2 inches). I'm not using Dr. Rosenbergs arch pads because those feel like enough support for me.
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Warning: Only for size 7 or smaller shoes

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Was disappointed in FootSmart when these didn't work out for my shoes. It turns out the product is only for shoe sizes between 4 and 7. I am a size 8.5 shoe and tho the arch supports seemed like they would work out well, when I wore them they did not help at all. I read the package to discover they were only for shoe sizes 4 TO 7. This should really be mentioned in the advertisement for the product. I am very disappointed at the FootSmart people for not sharing this information. I wish they had a product like this for sizes 8 and up but I haven't found any on this website. Ticked off hat I have to waste my time and pay return shipping for a product that was not described correctly on this website.
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