VibraCool Massaging Ice Therapy

Item #: 10987

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Vibration and ice — nice! VibraCool Massaging Ice Therapy eases pain and soreness

Soothe foot pain with vibrating, cooling relief. VibraCool combines the soothing properties of vibration and ice to help relieve muscle soreness and joint pain. A palm-sized powered device emits a high frequency, low amplitude vibration, which improves blood flow, massages muscles and promotes healing, while the cool pack works to reduce inflammation. Use on left or right foot, or anywhere else where you need relief. The curved design and hands-free strap keep the device in place. One size fits most. Batteries not included.

Features & Benefits of VibraCool Massaging Ice Therapy:

  • Palm-sized powered device emits a high frequency, low amplitude vibration to improve blood flow, massage muscles and promote healing.
  • Cool pack works to reduce inflammation and freezes fast for convenience.
  • Strap secures placement and provides a comfortable fit.
  • Battery-powered vibration targets the plantar fascia to help ease heel pain.

Other Important Information About VibraCool Massaging Ice Therapy:

  • Material Content: PC / ABS plastic, ROHS electronic components, sodium polyacrylate, isothiazolinones, laminated polyethylene, nylon.
  • Made in USA.