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Podiatrist's Secret® Total Foot Recovery Cream w/Tea Tree Oil, 4 oz., Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Item #: 97327
100% of customers would recommend this to a friend (5 out of 5)

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  • Diabetic-Friendly.
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The answer for dry, cracked feet!

Now our best-selling Podiatrist's Secret Total Foot Recovery cream is available in a tea tree oil formula. Why change a good thing? Many people desire the natural anti-microbial properties and deep penetrating capabilities of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil, along with its natural antimicrobial properties, brings with it a unique ability to penetrate the skin layers, allowing deep moisturization. At the heart of the formula is an Alpha-Hydroxy fruit acid, combined with deep-penetrating Urethin™ (the ingredient recommended by podiatrists). Urethin helps break down hardened, callused skin and eliminate cracks and fissures. Regular use enhances the skin's natural renewal process, speeding exfoliation of itchy, overdry skin. Feet will become noticeably softer and silky smooth.

Other Important Information:

  • Apply daily as needed.
  • Formulated With: lactic acid, Alpha-Hydroxy fruit acid, 20% Urethin, tea tree oil.
  • Made in USA.

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Great foot lotion!

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From the first time I tried it - my foot was very soft. It has kept my pedicure lasting longer. Thanks for the product that delivers.
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Truly the best

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I have been purchasing Total Foot Recovery Cream for at least 3 years. All of the varieties of the creams are wonderful but I like the feel/smell of the Tea Tree Oil a little more than the original. Both work superbly to heal my dry, broken skin on my feet and restore a youthful, healthy appearance.
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Good stuff!

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This foot cream is wonderful. I have dry, cracked, rough feet, even after a professional pedicure they feel like sandpaper. I tried this cream for two days and all the roughness disappeared, and didn't reappear for four days. I can use this twice a week and have soft, smooth heels. I'm using it on my elbows too.
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goodbye cracks!

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I had terrible heel cracks and they used to bleed regularly. Being the kind of person who LOVES going barefoot, I tried many, many different remedies. Here's what worked for me: Limit my "barefoot" time, and use this foot cream daily (twice a day until the cracks disappear, then once a day). It feels cooling when applied, and really does the job. In the summer, when I'm wearing sandals alot, I use it at night also, with the inexpensive heel wraps available here. I bought the cheapest wraps, and hand wash them every other day or so. The bottom line is this: Use regularly and limit barefoot/sandal use. I saw major improvement in just a couple of days, and the cracks were GONE in a couple of weeks. I won't be without it, and I tell everyone how great it is.
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