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Thermoskin Plantar FXT, Each

Item #: 30055
38% of customers would recommend this to a friend (6 out of 16)
$39.99/ea. $34.99/ea.
  • Women's 4-6.5/Men's 3.5-5
  • Women's 7-9.5/Men's 6-7.5
  • Women's 10-11.5/Men's 8-10.5
  • Women's 12-13.5/Men's 11-12.5
  • Women's 14-15/Men's 13-14.5

  • Fits left or right foot.
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Thermoskin Plantar FXT—don’t lose sleep over plantar fasciitis pain!

Speed up the healing process of plantar fasciitis with this soft, low-profile, slim fitting bootie. Wear this soft bootie when resting or overnight to stretch the plantar fascia. The flexible Plantar FXT even allows you to take a few steps if needed.

Features & Benefits of Plantar FXT:

  • Patented Thermoskin keeps skin warm which helps stretch out the plantar fascia, the band of connective tissue that runs from the heel to the toe.
  • Adjust dorsal flexion (amount of tension) to pull back toes toward the ankle.

Other Important Information About Plantar FXT:

  • Material Content: Trioxin lining, rubberized center, nylon outer.
  • Imported.

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Very Uncomfortable

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My massage therapist recommended I purchase a pair of these as I suffer from plantar fasciitis in both feet. Unfortunately, they do not hold your foot in the proper position and put undue pressure on the outer toenail area of each big toe. Could never make it more than a few hours before having to rip them off due to toe pain. I even cut some slits in the area around the big toe pain to see if that would help. It did not and now they are not returnable. The idea of these sounds good, but the execution is not so good. By the way, the Velcro noise created by taking these things off in the middle of the night is enough to wake the people down the street and frighten your spouse severely!
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Works great if adjusted correctly

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I have used this product off and on for years - whenever plantar fasciitis flares up. It provides noticeable relief within the first night or two. Some of the reviews say that it pinches toes. I only noticed this the first time I used it. Then I read the directions and adjusted it correctly. No more pinching. Light weight and flexible so its easy to sleep in. I'm ordering another.
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Soft pressure, not firm

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Easier to sleep with than stronger braces. For serious stretching needed would have to use a more firm brace as it doesn't reaally pull your foot into the right pisition. Definitely stretches toes and receives bal of foot pain or cramping.
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Had a pair for 6yrs. PERFECT ITEM.

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My last pair has lasted 6yrs. I ordered one for each foot as I have a incomplete spinal cord injury & "drop foot." I had to make ONE critical modification. The strap only pulls THE TOES UP..! No so good. SO, I took some fish line & sewed the Velcro piece down onto the TOP of the bootie & now it comfortably pulls the WHOLE TOP OF THE FOOT & not just the tips of the toes. A little bit of work but worth the 6yrs of use I've got outta them. I almost bought a similar pair. But, these have the non-slip rubber bottoms, the other did not. The others also had a open-toe design. With my particular condition, I need to protect my toes. The rubber bottoms are A MUST if making short trips outside or on indoor linoleum & hardwood floors. Not for regular outside use though, just occasional short trips. Make this small modification I described above & you'll be AMAZED at how much better this item will perform for you..!
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