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ThermoMax™ Warm Cream, 2 oz.

Item #: 30072
67% of customers would recommend this to a friend (2 out of 3)

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Cold feet & hands? Not anymore

Apply a dab of ThermoMax™ Warm Cream with amino acid L-arginine to cold hands and toes and rub it in. You'll feel the warmth spreading through icy toes and fingers within minutes. Poor circulation need not leave you in the cold anymore.


Caution: Avoid contact with eyes, nose membranes and open cuts.

Other Important Information:

  • Apply liberally to cold area.  for hands, rub all over including back of hands and fingers.  For feet, rub all over including tops of feet and toes.  Rub in for 3-5 minutes.  To remove, wash extensively with water.
  • Warming begins within 30 minutes of application.
  • Active Ingredient: L-Arginine (a naturally-occuring amino acid).
  • Formulated With:  Vitamins A and D and aloe vera.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • 2 oz. jar.
  • Made in the United States.

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I went to the doctor and I told him when I move my hand like this it . . . . "Hurts" . . . .My Doctor told me not to move my hand like that. The next time I went to a different doctor I told him my feet get cold when I sit at my computer. I asked if there was any thing he could do about that. " He told me to keep my feet warm" .... lol I just keep my feet on a heating pad and keep my coal fires going steady in the basement. Frankly I give up.
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ThermoMax™ Warm Cream, 2 oz. 19.99 + sh.

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I found that the cream did not warm my feet and toes the way the product description says it should. I also found the price to be very high for a 2 oz. jar 19.99 + outrageous shipping. The total came to just under 30.00! But even at that price I was desperate to find something to warm my feet and toes. I thought I would feel a warming sensation of some kind but no. I used the product exactly as the directions said, rubbing it in for 5 minutes and waiting 5 minutes to feel the warmth. I continued to repeat this procedure for two weeks never missing a day and still it does not work the way it claims to. So don't waste your money on this ThermoMax Warm Cream it simply does NOT work.
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"It REALLY Works!"

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When the product arrived, I wasn't sure about it and doubted that it would work. I did use it and "BINGO", my toes and feet began to get warm! Now they are "warm" without me putting on layers of socks. I'm so glad that I discovered the FootSmart Company!
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