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FootSmart Graduated Compression Ankle Sleeve, Pair

Item #: 99098
83% of customers would recommend this to a friend (5 out of 6)
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  • Measure ankle at largest point and order by size.
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Move with freedom with the FootSmart Compression Ankle Support

A FootSmart exclusive! Slip this ankle sleeve on under your socks and feel on top of the world!
This graduated compression ankle sleeve applies just the right level of pressure to your ankle to help reduce swelling and discomfort that comes from being too long on your feet. FootSmart has designed this sleeve to keep swelling, due to edema and excess fluid build up around the ankle, to a minimum… and comfort to a maximum.

Compression level: 20-30 mmhg compression

Caution: Not recommended for diabetics.

Features & Benefits of Compression Ankle Support:

  • Compression level: 20-30 mmhg compression.
  • Graduated compression applied to ankle area helps reduce ankle swelling due to edema and excess fluid build up around the ankle.
  • Anatomically designed to fit ankle comfortably and securely, without binding.
  • Ankle sleeve can be worn discreetly under your socks with very little bulk.
  • Comfort band around the top and bottom of the sleeve secures the fit without binding.

Other Important Information About Compression Ankle Support:

  • Material Content:  75% Nylon, 25% Spandex.
  • Care:  Hand wash, air dry.
  • Store out of extreme heat and sunlight.
  • Made in USA.

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I have edema in my right ankle from an issue from my vericose veins. I was hoping these short compression socks would be useful during the summer when I'm wearing sandals. To keep the swelling down in my ankle. It can get uncomfortable to have the swelling and these seem to relieve the discomfort & tightness from that. So far so good!
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Solves a fashion problem

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I bought this foot sleeve to solve a summer fashion issue - wearing an ankle compression hose that I can hide under sandals so I can wear short skirts, shorts, capris and skorts. Figured I'd try it ,little to lose. I am pleased to say that it worked - I can wear the sleeve under a zip-up ankle sandal and totally hide the top band by folding it down . Only my left ankle swells and not my leg, so I can even fold the anklet down and hide it further. Under the sandal, the darker color is barely visible. I wish Footsmart would make this in a sheer. With the open toe, it solves my fashion problem. Even folded down, the compression worked perfectly. I bought the pair, but don't need it on my right. An extra is good to have.
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Runs Small

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This product served the purpose but was very tight even thought I ordered the largest size which should have fit according to the measurements.
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Feels Great

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I have swelling in my leg due to a health issue. Using the compression sleeve really reduces the amount of swelling I get in my ankle, especially during and after walking for exercise. It also worked really well to keep the swelling down during a long period of sitting. I will definitely buy this product again and recommend it wholeheartedly!
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