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Stirrup Stockings, Pair

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75% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 4)

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Stirrup Stockings deliver comfortable relief for tired, aching legs

If you spend a lot of time on your feet while going about your daily routine, you’ll love the non-restrictive fit and feel of these stretchable, spandex stirrup stockings—they stay put all day! Wear alone, or under socks, to give your tired, achy legs the right amount of relief and compression to help control varicose veins. One-way stretch design fits men and women.

Features & Benefits of Stirrup Stockings:

  • Form-fitting compression stirrup stockings can be worn under socks.
  • Compression helps relieve tightness and pain caused by poor circulation and varicose veins.
  • Compression stockings are ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.
  • One-way stretch spandex material easily slips on and stays put all day.

Other Important Information About Stirrup Stockings:

  • Yarn Content: 100% spandex.
  • Care: Hand wash with mild soap. Line dry.
  • Made in USA.

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not very comfortable

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I found these stockings didn't give me the support I needed, and I found the seam going up the back of the leg to be very uncomfortable.
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pretty good

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Works good , but leaves a deep seam on leg, strap stays in place, good to wear with socks.
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Stirrup Stockings Made My Day!

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I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Gout in my feet, Cellulitis in my legs, as well as very poor circulation in my legs. A friend of mine that has the same medical issues, suggested I try FootSmart. I ordered a pair of the Stirrup Stockings and have been extremely pleased with the manner in which my legs now feel; I seldom take them off, except to wash. Made from 100% Spandex, they are soft to the touch and easy to get on; not to mention the smooth, light color that isn't highly visible to others. The stirrups provide the "open" feel that I need, as I go barefoot while inside and I don't like the "closed-up" feeling that other stockings have. Their very supportive feel helps my legs feel so much better. I was very careful in measuring my leg so that I ordered the right size for me, and they fit like they were personally made for me - from stirrup/ankle all the way to the top of my knee, with no roll-down; and I am tall. I am very sad to see that this item is on the clearance list, as all of the qualities that the Stirrup Stockings have to offer, fits my needs exactly.
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Really great BUT not long enough ;(

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These are Stirrup Stockings are a really great idea, and more comfortable than other type of stirrup type stockings. One BIG problem though, they are too short between the ankle to knee. I'm short and they are too short for me, so they keep slipping down to the center of my calf.
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