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Spenco Polysorb Flow Warm Full Length Insoles, Pair

Item #: 10807

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  • For normal and flat / flexible foot types.
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Warm up and cushion your feet with Spenco Polysorb Flow Warm Insoles

Keep feet warm when you step out in cold weather with these insoles, designed to retain and release body heat as needed to maintain a comfortable temperature. An ultra-thin layer of foil helps trap your own body heat from your feet, while the Outlast® cover—made with thermal technology developed for NASA—absorbs, stores and releases the heat as temperature drops. Air channel technology on the bottom of the insoles circulates warm air from heel to toe with every step. Contoured heel and arch support helps align your stride, while the EVA base provides cushioned comfort.

Features & Benefits of Spenco Polysorb Flow Warm Insoles:

  • Reflective thermal barrier foil helps retain natural body heat, trapping it in your shoes to keep feet warm.
  • Air channels compress and expand as you walk, circulating warm air between shoes and insoles.
  • Outlast-treated Nylex fabric cover stores and releases heat as needed to maintain a comfortably warm temperature.
  • Contoured design provides firm support and alignment, helping stabilize the arch and heel.
  • Heel pad adds extra cushioning and helps reduce friction to prevent calluses and blisters.

Other Important Information About Spenco Polysorb Flow Warm Insoles:

  • Material Content: EVA, polyurethane, Outlast Nylex with Aegis, foil.
  • Imported.