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Side Sleeper Pillow

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43% of customers would recommend this to a friend (9 out of 21)
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Side Sleeper Pillow — a night and day difference for side sleepers!

Finally, an orthopedically correct, specially designed, plush pillow for side sleepers! The cut-out shape supports the neck and shoulders and helps relieve neck pain. Your spine rests in natural alignment during sleep, which helps promote easier breathing and reduced snoring.

Features & Benefits of Side Sleeper Pillow:

  • Orthopedically correct design features a cut-out at the neck and head, so the spine can rest in natural alignment.
  • Proper spine alignment helps promote easier breathing and may help reduce snoring.
  • Proper pillow density helps keep your head supported while you sleep, helping reduce neck and back pain.

Other Important Information About Side Sleeper Pillow:

  • Measurements: 19" x 7" x 6".
  • Material Content: cotton, polyester.
  • Imported contents. Assembled in USA.

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Thick Pillow

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This pillow did not work for me. It is too thick. If you have a small frame, this pillow will be too high when you are on your side. My neck hurt much worse the morning after using it.
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Worst Pillow ever

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I purchased the pillow in order diminish neck pain, instead my neck pain was worse. The pillow was not soft at all and made me more tense when I slept.
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Better Than Nothing

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I was hoping for a product that would finally let me sleep on my side without neck pain, but this one doesn't quite fill the bill. As some have said, the pillow is quite hard, so if you prefer a softer pillow, this is not the pillow for you. The included "pillowcase" is sewn on, so you'll need to add a pillowcase if you don't want to wash the whole pillow each time you change your bed linens. If you're a stickler for nicely appointed pillowcases, know that a regular pillowcase doesn't fit smoothly on a contoured pillow. The case has amateurish stitching, is a bright blue (why?), and the fabric is far from smooth. Having said all that, I'm keeping it because it's better than no neck support at all. (I do, however, often find myself pushing it aside as I sleep.) Meanwhile, I'll keep looking for the perfect pillow.
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I am returning this pillow

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I was excited to receive and use this side sleeper pillow. I own a slightly different style of side sleeper pillow already, and was looking or a better one. This pillow is so thick that I woke up shortly after falling asleep with a sore neck. It was just too thick for me. It may be a good fit for a taller person. I'm 5'4". I'm returning it.
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