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Shoe Instep Raiser (Women's)

Item #: 90193

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Women’s Shoe Instep Raiser — finally, a shoe stretcher that relieves pressure on the instep!

This instep raiser relieves pressure in the most difficult area to stretch—the instep. The specially formed foot piece can be inserted deep into your shoes. Stretch to maintain the fit you want, or with new shoes, eliminate the break-in period. Cobbler-quality construction.


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Features & Benefits of Women’s Shoe Instep Raiser:

  • Expandable instep raiser helps relieve tightness under the tongue of a shoe to relieve instep pain.
  • Adjustable stretch allows you to stretch the instep to the height you need.
  • Slim form fits into most shoes.

Other Important Information About Women’s Shoe Instep Raiser:

  • Place the stretcher into your shoe and turn the handle clockwise until the stretcher matches the height of the instep.
  • Continue to turn the handle clockwise up to two additional turns to stretch. Leave in shoe for 12 hours. Repeat if additional stretch is needed.
  • Material Content: birch wood, steel.
  • Imported.