Shield Life Cool Pad

Item #: 30647

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Shield Life Cool Pad cools you down up to ten degrees in less than a minute!

Keep your cool with the Shield Life Cool Pad—no electricity, batteries or refrigerators needed! The pad is filled with innovative cooling crystals that draw heat from your body and decrease body temperature by up to ten degrees to help you cope with night sweats, hot flashes and fevers. The nylon covering promotes better airflow, which allows heat to transfer more quickly. A memory foam cushion under the crystals provides maximum comfort. Simply store the pad in a cold, dry place to release the heat, and it’s ready to use again. Also great for a quick cool down while lying by the pool or doing yoga.

Features & Benefits of Shield Life Cool Pad:

  • Cooling crystals draw heat from the body and store it to reduce body temperature. Crystals release heat when the pad is stored in a cool, dry area.
  • Breathable nylon fabric helps produce airflow, allowing crystals to release heat between the body and mat.
  • Memory foam offer soothing cushioning.
  • Soft, foldable pad is easy to carry.
  • Non-slip backing helps hold the pad in place.

Other Important Information About Shield Life Cool Pad:

  • Material Content: 67% sodium hydrate mixture, 13% thermoplastic polyurethane, 9% memory foam, 6% polyvinyl chloride, 4% nylon.
  • Measurements: 46" x 21 1/2".
  • Weight: Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Imported.