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SOLE Softec REPONSE Custom Heat Moldable Full Length Footbeds, Pair

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60% of customers would recommend this to a friend (3 out of 5)

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  • For normal, flat and high-arch foot types.
  • If between sizes, order the larger size.
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SOLE Softec REPONSE Custom Heat Moldable Men's / Women's Full Length Footbeds, give you excellent support and shock absorption.

Heat moldable technology allows you to customize this insole to your unique foot shape. The custom fit helps align your foot, increasing comfort, decreasing pain and preventing foot-related injuries. As an added bonus, a layer of proprietary Softec material cushions your steps for unparalleled comfort and shock absorption.

Features & Benefits of SOLE Softec REPONSE Custom Heat Moldable Men's / Women's Full Length Footbeds:

  • Medium thickness footbed with 1.6mm of cushioning is ideal for adding comfort in medium to tight fitting shoes.
  • After heating in the oven (instructions included), the moldable orthopedic base contours to the shape of your foot and retains its shape.
  • Custom arch support molds to your arch, providing the right level of support.
  • Softec cushioning layer provides unparalleled shock absorption and cushioning.
  • Deep heel cup supports the heel, aligning the foot during heel strike.
  • Moisture-wicking polyester cover offers maximum breathability.

Other Important Information About SOLE Softec REPONSE Custom Heat Moldable Men's / Women's Full Length Footbeds:

  • Material Content: polyester, Softec foam (corn based), EVA.
  • Made in USA.

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I have been wearing these for about 4 years now. Initially I was having a great deal of foot and heel pain. It took about a year for all the pain to be gone but have been without pain for three years. I get a new pair about every 9 months. I have used older pairs to put in boots and garden shoes that I do not wear frequently. I don't do the heat molding as they mold ok over time.
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I am disappointed, because my feet are so tender, and these inserts are so hard that I cannot tolerate them. I even put them in the oven for a few minutes, as recommended, and they did not soften up.
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Finally something that works for me!

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I have tried the following inserts Viscoped Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Shock Doctor Ultra 2 Spenco Polysorb max Superfeet green and blue L405 Lynco Sport Vasyli Danaberg And these sole softec response I have also tried chaco sandals. My foot pain is partly plantar fasciitis but also a collapsing arch. The colllapsing arch lead to a severely strained abductor hallucis, which was the biggest cause of my pain. The Chacos helped a lot but I can't run in them. The Lyncos helped some at first but ended up making it worse. The Vasyli helped a lot more but still didn't work enough for me to try and start running again. The super feet helped my feet slightly but I still could feel my arches getting tight and the pain setting in. The rest didn't help at all except for these. The sole softecs were my last stop before forking over hundreds for custom inserts. I'm glad I tried one more time. One note, when molding these inserts I tried to hold my right foot the way it should be instead of in the more collapsed state. The pain in my right foot, which was the worst, is gone. My left foot still has a little tightness, but I think I was just focusing on my right foot during molding, so I may try and remold my left. I was able to run for a few minutes without issues. Other than a slight tightness in my left foot again which ice cured. After almost 2 years of dealing with this it is odd for my right foot not to feel some kind of pain! These are definitely worth a try. I did leave them in the oven for 3.5 minutes after the heating elements shut off and were visibly "cool".
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Wrong product for my feet

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I bought the product because my heel was hurting after I changed my shoes from Dansko Clogs to SAS work shoe. I love the shoes besides the heel pain from not having the arch support that I had in the clogs. The Sole product is a good product out side of the need for better arch support. I did heat them as directed in the direction but I do not think anything changed to better form to my feet
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