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Pro-Tec S.I. Back Belt

Item #: 30761
83% of customers would recommend this to a friend (5 out of 6)

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Pro-Tec S.I. Back Belt features a sacroiliac compression pad for targeted pain relief

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can often cause sacroiliac joint syndrome (the strain or tearing of the S.I. joint ligaments), which you may call lower back pain. The ingenuity of this wraparound back support is a removable pad that provides compression right on your sacroiliac joint, the connection between your tailbone (sacrum) and pelvic bone (ilium), so the hips and sacrum become more stable, releasing muscle tension and reducing pain-causing strain to the lower back. Adjustable tension straps let you customize the compression on your S.I. joint. Thanks to strategically placed non-slip silicone gel strips, the contoured, low profile belt stays in place and you can comfortably wear under clothing… all day!


Caution: Do not wear while sleeping.


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Features & Benefits of Pro-Tec S.I. Back Belt:

  • Removable compression pad adds stability to the sacrum and hips, reducing painful lower back strain.
  • Wraparound design is easy to adjust for a comfortable fit and controlled compression.
  • Secondary straps allow you to customize the amount of additional support needed.
  • Non-slip silicone comfortably holds back support in place.
  • Low profile, contoured design gives you the freedom to wear all day under clothing.

Other Important Information About Pro-Tec S.I. Back Belt: 

  • Material Content: polypropylene, EVA foam, elastic construction with 100mm silicone strips.
  • Care: Remove compression pad. Close all hook and loop closures. Machine wash with mild detergent and lay flat to dry.
  • Imported.

Customer Reviews  1 - 4 reviews of 6
Good SI support

  • 4 of 5
This belt is working very well for me. Each morning I put it on when I get up and it quickly eases the SI pain that has built up overnight. I also wore it during 2 days of strenuous yard work and I am not as sore as I would have been without it. The only negative thing I can say is that it is almost too big for me. I ordered a large because I am a size 12, but it is at the very limit of it's velcro closure at my back, and I have to put the self-adjusting flap that comes out of the support over the top of the main belt. I would prefer to have a medium, and as I lose weight I will have to shorten the belt myself, but I am NOT going to pay more shipping both ways for a Medium. So, if you are a size 12, order the medium.
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Great belt

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Love the belt. Have worn one for the last two years. The only problem is the elasticity wears out quickly so I actually get about 6-8 months out of a belt before having to buy a new one.
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Not for me

  • 3 of 5
I suffer from a lot of back problems related to scoliosis. One of those problems is pain in my SI (sacroiliac) joint. This product did not help me. It is nicely made and stayed in place. May help others.
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Pro-Tec S.I. Back Belt

  • 3 of 5
I recently purchased this belt and have been using it every day since. I like the way it feels on back especially because I am on my feet all day long. It is comfortable and I don't have to keep adjusting the belt every little while. So far it has worked for me.
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