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Prorelax TENS Back Pain Relief System

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Prorelax TENS Back Pain Relief System gently stimulates your nerves and muscles for back pain relief!

This back pain relief system combines two innovative technologies in a back belt for relief from acute and chronic lower back pain and tension. TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) therapy sends mild electrical signals to gently stimulate nerves. This helps block pain signals before they reach the brain and promotes the release of endorphins, your body’s natural form of pain relief. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) therapy causes muscles to contract and enhances circulation, relieving muscle tension and allowing you to move with ease. Plus, you can use the arm cuff to help relieve arm pain.


Caution: Not recommended for those with pacemakers, defibrillators, extreme cardiac irregularities, metal implants, electronic auxiliary devices, diabetes or high blood pressure, or pregnant women.

Features & Benefits of Prorelax TENS Back Pain Relief System:

  • TENS therapy helps block pain signals and increase endorphins, which help relieve pain naturally.
  • EMS therapy stimulates muscles, increases circulation and promotes ease of motion.
  • Customize treatment with eight preset programs, two intensity levels to relieve mild to severe pain and two channels to target left, right or both sides of the back.
  • Innovative belt and arm cuff system offers relief from back pain and arm pain.
  • Belt and cuff help keep electrodes (connection points) positioned correctly and connected to the skin for optimum results.

Other Important Information About Prorelax TENS Back Pain Relief System:

  • Material Content: polycarbonate, polyester, rubber.
  • Imported.