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Pro-Tec Liquicell Blister Protectors, 8 Pack

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  • Order Small for 1.5" x .875" of gel coverage or Large for 1.75" x 1" of gel coverage.
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Protect your feet from friction and prevent blisters with Pro-Tec Liquicell Blister Protectors

Now you can wear your favorite shoes without worrying about blisters. These blister protectors are filled with Liquicell® gel that circulates in every direction, shielding your skin from friction that can cause blisters. Choose the small size for curvier areas of the foot, such as the arch and back of heel, or the larger size for the top of the foot and other flatter areas. Easy peel-and-stick application.


Caution: Remove immediately if skin shows signs of new or increased irritation after application. Do not apply bandage over open skin. It is best to consult your physician before using any skin protection products.

Features & Benefits of Pro-Tec Liquicell Blister Protectors:

  • Liquicell technology incorporates a small, gel-filled sac that acts as a blister, reducing friction between your skin and shoes to prevent blisters from forming.
  • Thin bandage feels smooth against the skin.
  • Choose from two sizes: small for curved areas of the foot like the arch, ball of foot and back of heel, and large for flat surfaces like the top of the foot.
  • Medical-grade adhesive makes the blister protectors easy to apply and holds them in place.

Other Important Information About Pro-Tec Liquicell Blister Protectors:

  • Material Content: thermal polyurethane, medical-grade adhesive, non-toxic liquid gel.
  • Made in USA.