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Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Strap, Each

Item #: 10012
77% of customers would recommend this to a friend (17 out of 22)

  • One size fits most.
  • Fits left or right foot.
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Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Strap gives your heel a lift for relief

Even if inflexibility is starting to creep up on you, don't let that slow you down. This support applies focused compression on the Achilles tendon while providing lift to the heel, reducing stress where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel.

Features & Benefits of Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Strap:
  • Uses focused compression to lift the heel, reducing stress on the Achilles tendon.
  • Hook-and-loop closure can be easily adjusted for just the right amount of support.
  • Coolmax covered felt keeps the skin cool and dry.
Other Important Information About Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Strap:
  • Material Content: UBL neoprene, elastic, felt, Coolmax mesh.
  • Made in USA.

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Good support

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Much needed relief came with this support. Still have pain, but not like I used too, I have only had it a week.
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Helpful achilles support

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This is a very helpful support. As others have said, it runs a little small, but once on it helps my achilles tendonitis tremendously. It is also better than most supports as it fits into shoes easily. Would definitely recommend.
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You're going to read a lot of reviews that say that this little device runs small...and I totally agree. I'm a very average woman, 5'5", size 7 1/2 feet, and it just barely fits me. The important thing here is that it DOES fit! And I really think it helps. You'll also read that it causes some people pain. I have also found that, although sometimes it doesn't. I'm thinking that we need to ease into it at first. I also find that certain foot gear works with it (sneakers) and others don't (Muck boots!) I'm an exercise instructor who has suffered with Achilles tendonitis for two years, and I think this little thing really IS helping. I say TRY IT!
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Worked for Me

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I was referred to this product by a review on a Runners World forum from someone that was fighting through achilles tendonitis. At the time, I had been training for a marathon for 18 weeks, and started developing achilles pain 2 weeks before the race. Since I was on my taper anyway, I switched to cross training (cycling) and hoped for the best. As I've heard with many achilles injuries, the dull pain actually subsided during exercise. It was only when walking or stagnant that I felt achey. I did not show any alarming signs, so I decided to try this product for the race (yes, I realize you're not supposed to try anything new on race day - sue me). The brace is essentially a strap that you wrap slightly above your ankle; it has a small cushion against your achilles tendon. The bottom half of the strap provides the actual support - it is an elastic piece that you fasten with your toe pointed and heel raised, similuating your lifted foot. This way, you feel less pressure on your heel and achilles tendon when running. Specific to my injury, this provided pain relief. It's hard to say if this product worked, or if the pain subsided due to exercise. My main concern was rupturing my achilles (I had read horror stories) - and I was confident with the extra support that the brace provides, that this wouldn't happen since I felt much less pressure when running - so in that sense, the product worked for me. I can't say that this brace will work for every achilles injury. From my research there are varying degrees of injury, including but not limited to irritation, tear and rupture. I believe my injury was more toward mild irritation. With or without a brace, I would assume that continuing to run on a tear or rupture would be a BAD idea. So overall, I think the product worked for me, and gave me the peace of mind that I needed to finish my race (and PR). If you're experiencing achilles irritation - your best bet is to see a doctor to better understand what level of injury you have. But of course, most of us like to self diagnose on the internet - results may vary ;)
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