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Powerstep Metatarsal Cushion, 2 Pairs

Item #: 99881
50% of customers would recommend this to a friend (1 out of 2)
$9.99/2 prs.

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Powerstep Metatarsal Cushions redistribute ball-of-foot pressure to relieve foot pain

This compact Powerstep cushion made of Poron® fits easily into your shoe and redistributes weight on the metatarsal bones to relieve forefoot pain. Self-adhesive backing secures cushion securely in place.

Features & Benefits of Powerstep Metatarsal Cushions:

  • Poron, microcellular polyurethane, cushions the weight in your forefoot and evenly spreads it out so you feel less pressure in one spot.
  • Self-adhesive backing secures the cushion in place so there's no need to adjust the fit.
  • Compact size fits easily into most shoes without changing the fit.
  • Left and right design provides a more exact fit inside the shoe.

Other Important Information About Powerstep Metatarsal Cushions:

  • Fits normal foot types, including flat feet.
  • Material Content: Poron urethane foam.
  • Care:  Hand wash, air dry.
  • Made in USA.

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It helped easing pain

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I bought a pair some time back in the hopes it would ease pain in my toes. It worked. To be fair you have to play with the placement, and when I finally figured it out the sticky part wasn't very good anymore. However, double sided sticky tape worked just fine. I have now bought extra pairs for different shoes. Glad I found somthing that worked when my podiatrist couldn't.
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worse product ever

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I couldn't get them to fit right in my shoes. The product said you can them out and adjust them but when I did they ripped apart, would not reccommend them to anyone
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